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“If Shakespeare were alive today, would
 his name be Joe Eszterhas?” –Time Magazine

“He is a force of nature.” –The New York Times

“He is a living legend.” –ABC’s 20-20

“Eszterhas has become the gold standard for screenwriters.” –The American Film Institute Desk Reference

“He is the rogue elephant of screenwriting.” –The Los Angles Times

“He is the Che Guevara of Screenwriting.” –Daily Variety

“Joe Eszterhas is great fun. He is a writer and always will be.” –The Bay Area Reporter

“He is the antithesis of boring. He is a helluva funny man.” –The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“His tips on screenwriting are discerning and recommended.” –Bookslut

“The guy can write, and he is viciously funny.” –Library Journal

“Eszterhas is dead serious about writing.” –The Los Angels Times

“This is hilariously funny, ribald, sexy, and brilliant.” –Liz Smith

“He is ruthlessly honest, uncompromisingly ethical, and comes across as enormously likable.” –Joe Queenan, The New York Times

“He is punchy, belligerent, and hilarious.” –The Guardian (London)

“Eszterhas is a master of the game. A writer who has sold his scripts but not his soul.” –The Sunday Express, London